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Team Members

Rani Soudagar

Driven by the passion for perfection Rani has been practicing and specializing in threading for more than 30 years. It was her curiosity about how a single strand of thread can be used to define facial features and enhance one’s natural beauty. Over 30 years her skill, passion, precision, and professionalism have helped her to continue her quest to be the best.

Rani is certified in Microblading, Massage Therapy, and Reiki. She is also a henna artist and has been practicing for the last 28 years. She takes great pride in her clients who have supported her all the time. Being such a passion-driven personality, Rani has ventured into a business called SPICEZ – The Community Store .

Inheriting the passion for cooking from my mother, the memories of my mother have inspired her to start this new venture.