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About – The journey to SPICEZ

SPICEZ – The Food Shop in DC

Hi, my name is RANI and I am the owner of SPICEZ – The Community Store, a one-stop shop for your spices, herbs, desserts, and traditional Indian and Eastern food.

I operate SPICEZ from 1610 Wisconsin Avenue, a place I have called home since October 1, 2019.

My journey to SPICEZ has not been easy by any means; actually, it has been a total roller coaster. The year 2020 has been such a difficult year for so many, and we are all adapting to the new normal. Like many of you, I have found strength from the good people around me, including my son who has been so understanding throughout the start of this business venture. I am also thankful to all my clients who have supported me and uplifted me in these trying times.

Despite it all, I wake up every day doing my best to stay on the positive side and find opportunities even amidst challenges. I decided to turn my passion for spices and cooking into a business to not only help to providing a living for my son and me, but to serve society and the niche but needed market for South Asian essentials.

I inherited my passion for cooking from my mother, who brilliantly experimented with unique spice blends and cooking techniques to transform ordinary ingredients into mouthwatering dishes. Her rotis were perfectly round and fluffy every time, and her sweets were second to none. The memories of my mother inspire me every day and led me to creating SPICEZ.

In addition to fulfilling your everyday sweet and spice needs, I hope to use this space as a platform to showcase your talent, too. At SPICEZ, we will feature a community showcase where talented artists, chefs, and other creators can bring their work to life.

If you are nearby or passing by my shop, please do visit. Also do take a look around this website, and learn more about what all we have to offer.